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Breaking Barriers,
Building a Future

Why am I running for West Vancouver Council?

I have lived, worked and played on the North Shore for over 20 years. West Vancouver is my home and this community is amazing! I presently sit on two municipal council appointed committees advising on the built environment (housing, parks, streetscapes, shared pathways, access to transit). These seven years of work have me strategically positioned in being up-to-date on the issues facing council and across the North Shore. I am ready and eager to take the next step in working for West Vancouver to address our traffic congestion, the lack of diversity in our housing stock and the protection our natural environment. As well, I want to meet the needs of our community by supporting art and culture, businesses, our youth...and more. I want to hear new ideas from the community to ensure West Vancouver stays strong now and into the future.

Media Coverage

Featured in SCI-BC's SPIN Magazine

Interview on CTV News Vancouver

Co-op 101.5FM Radio Interview

Alexis interview final for access radio
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